Monday, September 12, 2016

Dinosaur National Mounument Rock Art

Figure from the panel at Cub Creek in Dinosaur National Monument
In mid-August, I took a trip to Dinosaur National Monument with my two youngest children.  We visited three of the 5 well-known rock art sites in the park: Swelter Shelter, Cub Creek and Pool Creek.

Images from Swelter Shelter

Swelter Shelter is located on a trail from the main quarry site to the visitor's center.  It's a relatively small site, but still worth the hike.

Images from Cub Creek

The Cub Creek site is located right off the road along the Tour of the Tilted Rocks Scenic Drive.

Images from Pool Creek

The Pool Creek site is located right next to the road on the route to Steamboat Rock and Echo Park.  The road can be tackled with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, if you are careful.  A high clearance vehicle is recommended.

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