Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rock Art Tour of the Swell

DStretch enhanced photo from Buckhorn Draw August 2014

I took a quick rock art tour of the San Rafael Swell last Saturday with a couple of friends.  We didn't hit any new sites, but revisited Rochester Creek, Moore Cutoff, Short Canyon, Black Dragon Canyon and Buckhorn Draw.

Rochester Creek has an almost inexhaustible supply of rock art and I got some nice shots of figures that I had missed before.  We arrived at Buckhorn Draw late enough in the day that the whole panel was in shadow and I noticed lot of figures I had missed before when viewing it in full light.  Even more things popped out when I applied DStretch.

Photos from Rochester Creek

Photos from Buckhorn Draw

As always my Photosynths are found at this link, and my full set of photos is found on Photobucket.

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