Monday, July 22, 2013

Rochester Creek

Original Report - December 10, 2008

The rock art panel at Rochester Creek is easily accessible and worth a trip. It is located east of Emery, Utah on a rock face overlooking the confluence of Muddy Creek and Rochester Creek. Take highway 10 and turn onto the road to Moore between mile markers 16 & 17. A half mile from the highway is a graded road headed south, it is an other 4 miles from here to the trailhead parking lot. From the parking lot the trail to the panel is a half mile or so.

Almost all the rock art here is petroglyphs; that is, art made by pecking away the dark surface rock, the "desert varnish", to reveal the lighter rock underneath. It is a mixture of all ages. There are definitely some Fremont glyphs, and some Ute ones, and some that look suspiciously like African animals which were probably carved by non-Indians.

The panel is impressive and there are numerous carvings on other rock faces nearby, so be sure to look around. One that many visitors miss is found inside a rockfall cave behind the main panel.

The Main Panel

A Fremont-style Figure

Figures inside the Rockfall Cave

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