Monday, December 12, 2016

DeBinky Wells Road Site

This past weekend Yeongmi and I went on a field trip with URARA down in Moab.  We only caught the first day, but what sights we saw!  My favorite was the very last site of the day, off DeBinky Wells Road, north of Dead Horse Point and the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands.  Dennis DeVore led us to the site and it was amazing.  Since this site is not well known and unvandalized, I am not posting any specific location information and the photos posted have no GPS information attached.

Most of the Panel in DStretch using the LDS filter

With the exception of a some small sheep, a snake and a footprint petroglyphs, the site is a Barrier Canyon Style panel that is heavily faded.  We could make out a few of the details on site, but things really popped out in DStretch as the images above and below show.

Wider-angle view of the BCS figures
There are lots of details that I missed on site because the figures are so faded.  For example, I didn't see the arms and legs on this figure.


These details were hard to see also.

More details on the main set of BCS figures:

Non-BCS figures:

All of my photos from the site are here on Photobucket.

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