Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lone Warrior Pictograph

The Lone Warrior
The Lone Warrior pictograph is well-named in that this is the only easily visible piece of rock art at this site.  The style of the figure is unusual and is not easily classifiable as BSC, Fremont, Ute or Ancestral Puebloan.

The site is easily accessible with a 4WD vehicle and possibly with a 2WD vehicle in good weather.  It is in a remote location in the San Rafael Swell.  While actually fairly close to I-70, the path to the site from the interstate is rather circuitous.  It is located at 38°51'11.21"N  110°48'13.01"W and is easily visitable on a trip to the Head of Sinbad panel further north.

There are some other petroglyphs and faded pictographs at this site, but they require very close examination of the cliff faces nearby to find.


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